Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday August 8, 2014-Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park

We had another stupendous morning here in the Wisconsin Dells. The weather has been great here and we expect the rest of the weekend to be just as good. The weather guessers are saying that there may be some rain on Tuesday but the rally ends on Sunday and we're staying until Wednesday so it won't matter.

I spent the morning outside, drinking coffee with friends and just hanging out. In the afternoon, Karen and Dan sponsored an ice cream social that was very nice. I know that I need to take my camera with me but I haven't. I promise I'll start taking some soon.

The former chapter leader of the Wisconsin chapter, Tom Weber, has a daughter that works for the Johnson Bratwurst company and they furnished the meat for a brat dinner. The club furnished potato salad and cole slaw and we furnished desserts. Man, you talk about some good food! Wow, fresh brats, homemade potato salad, etc, and then 30 rigs furnishing desserts! Delish!

After the meal, we had entertainment furnished by the Maggie Mae band. Maggie Mae and her husband own a local (area) restaurant and she plays there and she brought her guitar player with her tonight to play for us. They did an outstanding job. Everyone from the park came over to listen and I think they all loved it.

Great second day of the rally.

So long.

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