Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wednesday August 6, 2014-Moving day-Dan and Karen's house to Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park

We were up pretty early and I went over to Dan's house for coffee, one last time. They have sold this place and bought another one in Cookeville Tennessee, so this will be out last time here. Dan and I were soon at work getting things ready to leave for the Wisconsin rally.

We made a fuel fill stop in Gladstone and then soon after, stopped for breakfast at the Family Inn in Escanaba, probably our last time here too. After a VERY filling breakfast, we were again on our way. Oh, we did make one more little comfort stop, just across the Wisconsin border. 

We went down some side roads because Dan had heard that there was some serious road work ahead, so to avoid the slow-downs, we took the scenic route. It was a bit slower and we actually got separated from them at one point, but we joined up again and were once again on our way.

We pulled into the RV park about 2:30. You must remember that we gained an hour by going back into the Central time zone from the Eastern. We immediately saw several old friends here in the park and after a short set-up, we were ready to begin the party!

I was glad to see that we had television again on our Dish, but we were soon disappointed when we lost the signal. It got fouled up when I called to set up the local channels and the idiot girl couldn't get it programmed into their system. After becoming VERY frustrated with their service, I just simply gave up and went outside to spend time with our friends. I can watch television any time, but I want to spend time with my friends while I'm here.

A group went out to eat pizza but we were still full from breakfast and we passed. I continued to play with the TV antenna, trying to get it to hook up once again but no joy!

We sat outside and chatted with our friends until the bugs came out and chased us back inside. Luckily I have a decent Internet connection and was able to play some games online to pass the time. We are glad to be here at what could likely be out last time in Wisconsin for a rally. We will be busy with the south central region next year.

So long.

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