Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday August 10, 2014-Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park

Well, the rally is over and there are a few of us left here, we and the Barnett's until Wednesday and the others until tomorrow. We all had a great time at the rally and everything went perfectly.

Yesterday we had a nice potluck meal with the club furnishing the thin sliced beef and members bringing veggies and desserts. One of the members, Bagpipe Bill, brought his  bagpipe and played for us, both at lunch and at the requisite campfire after we ate. It was a great time and we enjoyed chatting with our friends, both new and old. 

This morning was a continental breakfast as a send-off to everyone leaving today. We are sad to see them go, but several have signed up for next year already. Sadly, we likely won't be here next as Dan and Karen will be taking over this area. We have some tentative plans for next summer and I'll let you know what they are when they are more final. This has been a very busy summer for us but for the most part, we've enjoyed it.

I promised you some pictures, but the ones I took are on my phone and I've been having trouble with the phone and they won't download. When I get it figured out, I'll make a blog post to share them.

So long.

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