Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monday August 18, 2014-Pine View Campground, Ft. McCoy WI

Today Michael and Kelly took us on a guided tour of Ft. McCoy, where Michael has been stationed during his career in the Army. He showed us the main headquarters, many office buildings, mess halls, warehouses, hospitals and barracks where he was assigned while on duty here, including the barracks building that he was in just prior to his deployment to Operation Desert Storm. Thank you for your service Michael.

We had lunch on base, not in a mess hall but in a new, modern building that is also used as a recreation hall. This building is across the street from a small convenience store/gas station, the PX (Post Exchange) and the commissary.

We later went to the well-done museum on base. 

 A standard Chevrolet utility vehicle, like the one that Michael used as his primary vehicle.

 We've all seen vehicles like this on in the movies. 

 The old style Jeep, used by the Army since World War II.

 A light/medium tactical vehicle.

 Construction vehicle that in many cases, are off the shelf vehicles.

 A field laundry unit.  I'll bet the Maytag man doesn't come out to work on this.

 A huge tractor and trailer, I believe, used to transport tanks. It takes a big 'ol truck to pull a 50 ton tank!

 A new, heavily armored Humvee.

 I thought this was interesting, a Combat Engineer tank that is equipped with a blade to move dirt, smash barricades and razor wire and a cute little "snub nosed" cannon. Of course, I don't want to be on the receiving end of the cute little cannon!

 A 155mm howitzer

 The Abrams combat tank

 An 8" Howitzer

 A tracked, armored personnel carrier.

 A mobile anti-aircraft gun

 A UH-1H "Huey helicopter, the primary helicopter in Vietnam.

 A Cobra helicopter gunship, similar to ones still in service.

A little-known fact that Kelly and Stella found. Lt. Louie L'Amour was stationed at Ft. McCoy. I had many of his books.

We went over to Sparta WI to a fiberglass molding company and I will make another posting with some photos of this.

So long.

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