Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monday August 18, 2014-Pine View Campground, Ft. McCoy WI

When we left the Army base, we went over to the small town of Sparta where we found a huge field of fiberglass figures of all kinds. We spent some time walking around and looking at the different figures, some pretty complete, some not so much.

I'm not sure what Michael expects to get out of there. I don't think that I would drink it!

Anyone for a boat ride? 

How about a four wheeler ride? 

Looks like a horse graveyard 

Looks kind of like ET. I don't know what to think about that outstretched finger! 

 Golf anyone?

Need a set of elk antlers? 

How about a cute little mouse? I'd hate to see the mousetrap! 

How about an ice cream cone! 

Elvis has left the building... 

THAT much beer would keep someone drunk for awhile! 

I am the champion! 

Is that Bevo, the Texas longhorn? 

More down horses and other assorted "stuff" 

Lots and lots of figures. We didn't talk to anyone here, so we don't know if they sell these or use them as forms to make new ones. 

After our tour of the base, I have a new appreciation for the Army and the men and women that train here. I am also impressed with the amount of arms training that goes on here by the reservists. Michael also took us on a tour of many firing ranges (a 50 mile trip, according to Stella and Kelly) for everything from hand grenades to tanks. Then, back at home, we listen to the sound of machine gun fire, rain or shine and daylight and dark. We are perfectly safe here though and know that the soldiers that train here are ready for action.

So long.

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Carol said...

Sonny, We love you're blog, thank you for sharing all your memories with us. Tell me what is a munzee?
Matt is leaving to go and visit an online friend in west Allis WI near millwalkee . He flies out on Sunday for 2 weeks. Say hi to Stella