Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thursday August 14, 2014-Pine View Campground, Ft. McCoy WI

We stayed in this morning, resting up from the grueling 60 mile drive yesterday. It was a chilly 45 degrees outside and in the low 60's inside the trailer, so the fireplace was deployed, which warmed us right up.

I sat outside, reading a book with Cassie and Tramp sitting out with me this morning. Kelly called and asked me if I'd like to go with Michael to change the oil in his truck and I said yes. He came by a little after noon and we went onto the base to the auto service area. The Army allows soldiers and retirees to use an auto shop and some tools to work on their vehicles for a small fee and Michael took advantage of it to change his oil. All went well until he discovered that he had the wrong oil filter. I tried to call Stella to come pick us up, since she had my truck, but I couldn't get any service on my phone. I used Michael's phone to call but her phone went to voice mail. It turned out that she had no service either. Michael's hands were covered with oil, so I called Kelly to ask her to walk over to our place to get Stella and come pick us up to go into town to get the correct filter. After much GRIPING ad COMPLAINING )LOL), she agreed. After an exhausting half-mile walk, they were on their way to get us. We made the short drive into Tomah to the Wal Mart. Michael soon had the correct filter and we were on our way. Incidentally, I asked the very cooperative clerk what their company policy was on changing batteries on trailers was, and he said they would be happy to do it if they had the correct battery in stock and they would do it in the parking lot. Remember the guy in Lake Delton yesterday? 

We came on back to the shop where Michael and I got out to complete the oil change and the girls went back home. Of course, Michael and I were in trouble because we delayed the preparation of supper by having them come over to get us. I was in trouble with Kelly for making her walk to "the other side of the world" to get Stella. 

Stella did make us a delicious shrimp alfredo on pasta with some of her rendition of garlic biscuits, and we sat outside at our place after supper chatting until the chilly weather made us pack up. We'll have a campfire one of these nights to ward off the chill.

So long.

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