Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday August 7 2014-Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park

It wasn't quite as cool here as it had been at Dan and Karen's house in the morning, but it was still quite nice. The temperature isn't supposed to be as cool as it has been but still pleasant. 

I went out and had coffee and chatted with Jerry and Jaci and we were joined by several other friends, Dan and Karen, Jerry V, our neighbors Vic and Diana, and many more folks walked by and spoke or stopped and visited for a few minutes.

I have been on a mission to find some more Croc-type shoes. I found a brand at Payless Shoes but all the stores up here either don't carry them or they sold well and haven't restocked them yet, so I started calling around here, since this is a much more "touristy" town. I still couldn't find the ones I want, but did find some at the Croc store in the Tanger Mall. Stella found some other bargains there and we ended up with three park, two for Stella and one for me.

While out, I decided to find a Dish Network store to see if I could get some help from them. They told me the only thing they could do for me is to come out and check the wiring and connections for $85 and agreed to check the receiver which I think is my problem. They told me that the company offers a repair policy but I would be at the mercy of one of their telephone reps and that they would be the ones to call for one of the factory-authorized technicians to come out. Again, the store was rather rude and I will have to see what the company tells me when I call them back. Later this afternoon the rally starts and I won't take the time to fool with them now.

We returned to the park and continued to visit with friends here. We had a Meet and Greet at the pavilion where most of our activities will be held this weekend and as usual, the snack foods were delicious and we all got filled up. We sat at a table with Michael and Kelly and later Ed and Cathy came by and sat with us. We told Michael and Kelly about possibly meeting Carl and Faye and Warren and Judy after this rally is over, but in case this doesn't work out, we may have to scuffle around for a place to stay for the Labor Day holiday. They were nice enough to offer to take us to Ft. McCoy to a Fam-Camp there. Since I didn't serve in the military, we would have to go in with them as they are Army retirees. This would be a fun time with them if Carl and Faye don't work out.

We all got out rally bags and went around the room introducing ourselves and chatting among ourselves. We went over the agenda for the rally and got all set up.

We came back home and I took care of some Heartland stuff and then we went outside to visit some more. I sat with Ray and Dave, whom I haven't seen in a long time. We were at Bernie and Judy's place and several folks came by and stayed for a few minutes before moving on. We sat outside until the moon came up and we all decided to call it a night.

I moved the antenna in hopes of finding a signal. It went through the search and found a signal but wouldn't lock in. I don't know what's wrong with this thing but it's about to drive me to drink... 

So long.

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