Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday August 3, 2014-Dan and Karen's house

Dan and Karen have gone to Tennessee, so we just rested and relaxed on Thursday, but on Friday we went down to Munising to look around. On the way we stopped at the Wagner Falls, a small waterfall on a little creek. It was heavily wooded but pretty, and we've always seen a lot of cars parked along the road, so we decided to check it out.

As I said, it's just a little creek and heavily wooded. 

There are several falls and it makes a nice sound. There are several waterfalls in the Munising area, including this one, Alger Falls, Horseshoe falls, Memorial falls, Munising falls, Miners falls, Scott falls, and Tannery falls. 

While we were in town, I noticed something out in the water in front of the high school. What could it be? Is it a grove of trees that was out in the lake when the water came up? No, that's a Texas thing, to build a lake and flood the trees and the old towns and buildings. And beside that, this is Lake Superior, not a man-made lake.

When I got a better view, I could see that it is the base of a pavilion that was once our over the water. I still don't know what it was or why it is gone, but it's interesting and I thought I'd share

On Saturday we went over to Ishpeming to meet our friends John and Becky. We hosted with them at the Inks Lake State Park last year and will be with them again later this year. It was good to see them and catch up with the news of our other friends from Inks. 

We met them at the Jasper Ridge Brewery and had a good meal and great time with our friends. It was good to see them again.

Yesterday I took advantage of the cool weather and shady location and washed both the truck and trailer. Dang, that trailer must be thirty feet high and a hundred feet long! It's been awhile since I've washed it and it needed it! It wasn't too bad because I took my time and had to take a rain break when a shower came through, but it's done now and looks great. We'll be back on the road soon and it will be dirty again in no time.

So long.

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