Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday August 27, 2014-Pine View Campground, Ft. McCoy WI

We've been taking it easy for the past few days. I went out on Monday to cap some Munzees in the area and did pretty well for awhile. My cell phone service (AT & T) has been very poor here and today I had trouble getting connected with the Munzee network, which slowed me down considerably. As I slowly moved down the highway, going from shopping center to truck stops, the temperature outside kept rising, with high humidity, and I finally was overcome from overheating and gave up for the day. I had plenty of ice water in the truck, and was glad that Stella was with me for moral support and to take over the driving if I started feeling worse, but we made it home and I was fine.

Today we decided to make a drive over to some local tiny towns where some Amish folks live. Stella found this in a visitor booklet that she picked up here at the park.

This is the only picture of an Amish farm on the drive. We were disappointed by the drive because there were some obviously Amish homes, but there also non-Amish homes right next door and frankly, the Amish places weren't all that pretty, like the ones in Ohio and Indiana.

Here is another "find" from the booklet, Down a Country Road. It's a group of small houses that contain locally made crafts and foods. It's a cool place to go and beautiful to see but we didn't buy much there. 

I believe the 1900 on the barn refers to the year it was built. Of course, the front is badly in need of some more paint, but it appears to be legitimate.

This  is cute. What appears to be a series of tiny storage sheds are actually restrooms. The green one is the only one that is open.

Stella took advantage... 

I think the owner missed some sales by not offering coffee in the kitchen shop. I know we would have bought a cuppa.

What a nice place to sit with your coffee. 

We stopped off at the Wal Mart in Tomah to buy supplies for the rest of our time here. We are leaving next week, after the long Labor Day holiday. The dogs were glad when we got home, especially when they saw that we had bought them more food and doggie treats. I guess we're out of the "dog house".

So long.

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