Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wednesday August 13, 2014-Moving Day-Country Roads to Pine View Campground, Ft. McCoy WI

We were able to sleep in this morning because our new destination is only about 60 miles away. We messed up and didn't make arrangements for any campgrounds after the Wisconsin rally because we were going to try to hook up with our Winter Texan friends that live up in this area, but things didn't work out so we accepted the offer from Michael and Kelly to come to the FamCamp at the Fort McCoy Army base. 

The coach battery on our trailer has been running down, so it's time to replace it. I went over to the Wal Mart store yesterday to make sure they had the right battery and that they would install it for me, and the lady clerk said that they had one in stock and that they could put it in. Great! But when I went in this morning, there was a crabby old man that said it was "company policy" that they not do any work on RV's and anything that couldn't be driven into their shop. Well!  We left and went to an Auto Zone store where we got it done, and were on our way to meet Michael and Kelly on the road to Ft. McCoy.

We were soon pulling in to the Pine View campground, which is just outside the army camp. This is our first time in a Fam Camp, which is government speak for a family campground. The office staff was not real helpful and didn't answer Stella when she questioned the site we were assigned. It looked awfully short on the map and when we drove to it, it was very obvious that we would not fit there. It was right down the street from Michael and Kelly's site, which is what we had asked for when we made our reservation, which incidentally had included the fact that our trailer is 39 feet long. We went straight back to the office to tell them and to ask to be moved to a longer site that is open nearby. Upon arrival, the lady on duty, Shirley, rather rudely said that this was the only site available, while the man on duty said- in the background- that he was afraid that we would not fit. When I asked about taking an open site, she said that they would have to call the person already assigned to see if they minded being moved. Please keep in mind that their brochure says that sites may be changed at will. Hmmm.Guess what kind of review they're getting...

We were assigned another site that is away from the campground in what will be a cabin site in the future. There are no trees around us, which is not a problem and actually helps the Dish antenna with no interference. It didn't take long for us to be set up and all settled in, with great television reception.

Kelly invited us back to their place later for a delicious supper that she made using some Opa's sausage and veggies and french bread. We sat outside, chatting and telling stories about our recent adventures. Michael told us about his times being stationed here and some of the things that are done on the base. We stayed until around 8 o'clock when the weather got chilly and we came back home. I think we're gonna like it here.

So long.

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