Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday December 16, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today's post will catch me up for the last week because I was too busy (lazy) to keep it up to date. I guess entertaining the friends we had last week kept me too busy to sit down and write something.

Tommy and Susan were here all week, Ricky brought the trailer up on Thursday, and Harry and Judy arrived on Friday along with the Texas Boomers for the Christmas rally. It was good to see all of our friends here and of course there were several in the Boomers that we don't see very often any more.

We had decided to have a fish and oyster fry on Friday night with Harry and Judy, Ricky and Dee and Tommy and Susan. Harry stopped at Hillman's Seafood where he bought a gallon of fresh oysters, so we had them, some of the rainbow trout that had been caught in Colorado. Tommy had bought some fresh potatoes which he cut up and fried. Tommy was very proud of his new french-fried potato cutter that he had just gotten as a gift. It really happy with it because he just stuck a peeled potato into the gadget and with the push of a handle, he had perfect fries, ready to go into the hot oil.

We had a great meal with our good friends with a nice campfire after our meal. The Boomers had a spaghetti supper that we didn't go to because the last time they had one, they had run out of food. No one had brought sauce or meatballs, so we had decided some time ago to just do our own thing with oysters and fish. I heard that they had plenty of food at the dinner this year. Don Allen had a large campfire (campfar, as he calls it), so we all had someplace to go to hang out with friends in the cool air.

The weather didn't cooperate with us this weekend. It was cold, cloudy and rainy all weekend but I think everyone had a good time anyway. The Boomers had a big potluck breakfast on Saturday morning. I got up and made coffee in the Lone Star room for the guys as usual. Frank tried to keep me from putting some tables together for the coffee drinkers, because of his pancake breakfast this morning, but I told him that we would be through before the breakfast crowd arrived. It all worked out just fine and everyone got plenty to eat.

Two of the Boomers, Jim and Judy, had just gotten married. They decorated their motorhome up for the holidays and later were announced to have been chosen as the winners of the rig decorating contest. There were a lot of pretty lights put up all over the park. Donna went all-out in her decorations. She had one tiny flamingo that she hung in the tree at their site but sadly, her work was not enough to win a prize this year.

The All-Y'alls (winter Texans) had been scheduled to have a mexican dinner/margarita get together in the afternoon, but the weather caused it to be cancelled and rescheduled for Monday.

Saturday night was the big party of the weekend for the Boomers. We had a huge potluck dinner and a gift exchange that everyone enjoyed. We went back down to Harry and Judy's site for another campfire and the Boomers went to Don's again. It wasn't that we were avoiding the Boomers, it was just that we had bought some firewood and could sit closer to the fire than we could have at Don's. It was cold again and began to rain later in the evening. I guess no one told Mother Nature about the party this weekend.

We woke Sunday morning to cool temperatures and cloudy skies. It was very damp from the rains overnight but Sandy-Madame Boomer-had fixed a big pot of coffee and had gotten some pastries and invited everyone to come by to say goodbye and have something to eat and drink before leaving. Even though I wasn't leaving, I stopped by and had some coffee. I had startled Sandy on Friday when I took off my cap and showed her my now-bald head. She, of course, thought something else, and was shocked to see my head but I told her of the reason for my baldness so she understood.

Harry and Judy were not supposed to leave today, so Ricky and Dee and Tommy and Susan decided to stay too. There was the afternoon mexican food/margarita party here in the park, so everyone was looking forward to it. It was still cloudy and cold, so the heaters and firepits were very popular this afternoon. Our friend Ed came down for awhile, but Sharon was still sick and didn't make it. Tommy and Susan had decided to go on home this afternoon, so they came down for the party for a little while, but soon pulled out and went on home. We were all sad to see them go but they said they wanted to get on back home. I went over to Ricky's to watch the football game and came home at the half. At least it wasn't raining when I walked home!

Monday morning I got up for coffee and then went to see Harry and Ricky as they got ready to leave. I told Dee that I would help Ricky to park their trailer at the storage lot. I drove over there so he wouldn't have to bring me all the way back to the park. This afternoon was the park's Margarita Monday get together. We made up a snack and went to it about 3 o'clock. We had fun with our friends here in the park.

Tuesday I took Stella down to Texas City for a doctor's appointment. This catches both of us up for our medications for the near future. We are planning to go to Mexico in February so I wanted the doctor to recommend any other medications that we can buy down there when Stella had her appointment. We returned to the park in time for me to see my one television show, NCIS.

Wednesday I learned that most of the other winter Texans had gone to Cheddar's Restaurant to meet Michelle who used to work here at the park but since we were out of town for the day we missed it. We're sorry we didn't get to tell her goodbye.

If you believe in reincarnation, you should try to come back as an RV'ers dog. I can't think of a better way to spend your life than sleeping all the time until your master takes you out to do your "business" and to get a little exercise. You have all the food you want and get an occasional treat when they eat.

This catches me up but I'll try to keep it up better.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Jay, I was trying to win "worst decorated" with my one lonely little flamingo. But alas, I think that class of winner was cancelled. Maybe they didn't see him. I'm looking forward to heading to Florida. I've had about all the Texas rain I can handle right now. My eye surgery was cancelled yesterday and is scheduled for noon today.