Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday December 21, 2009-Moving day to Blessing

I woke this morning and went down to have coffee with the guys for the last time this season. We will not be back here until April for the Heartland rally and by then, most of them will be gone. We had 11 down for coffee this morning, and ran out of coffee before everyone left. There were a lot of handshakes before I left.

I came back home and ate breakfast. I had been reading a book and wanted to get it finished, so I sat in my chair while eating and read. I had already turned my computer off and Stella had lashed the television down for travel, so soon after I finished my breakfast I got up and went outside and went back to work. I worked steadily, speaking to my friends as they walked by. There was a committee meeting this morning at 10 o'clock so I went down there and turned in my sign which got a few chuckles and told everyone on the committee goodbye. Then I went over to the office and turned my keys in to Crystal and had a chat with Gwen. We talked about the upcoming year and my plans but best of all, we talked about us coming back in the fall. I went ahead and booked a rally for Heartland here at Rayford for October 15-17th to get our name on some sites.

I came on home and we finished up getting loaded up and got ready to go. Several other friends came by and after many handshakes and hugs we pulled out. We made good time around Houston and hit hwy. 288. We stopped at the Buckee's store in Angleton and transferred some fuel and got a sandwich and coffee for lunch. We pulled into Blessing about 2:30 and found the park. This is a very small park with a few long-term guests. I knew the sites were very hard to get into because they are straight-in concrete runners with a small patio. They were even harder to get into with the longer trailer, so after getting aggravated I went to one of the pull through sites. I learned that the pull through was not designed or laid out for a long trailer, so after scratching the side of the trailer from low hanging branches, we decided to go down to the park in Palacios.

We pulled into the Serendipity Bay RV Park and got a space there for the next five days. We learned that with our Good Sam discount it would be cheaper than to take the weekly rate because they don't give the discount for the weekly rate. We have found that many parks give a better weekly rate and it works out to be cheaper to get that rate and leave early but not this time.

We were tired after the trip and setting up, so we went to the Dairy Queen for supper. When we got back home, I programmed the television-which I have never had to do before with this new television-and we watched TV for the rest of the evening. Although we paid for the cable, the reception here sucks. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so we'll probably just stay around here all day.

So long.

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