Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday December 18, 2009-Kim's house-Texas City

Jeremy, Stella and Kim went to the Clear Lake hospital early this morning to prepare Kim for some out patient surgery. I stayed at their house and took the boys to school before going to the hospital. On my way to the hospital, I stopped off at a Valero station in League City where I bought fuel for the first time since we came back to town in October. I took 126.2 gallons to go 2172.6 miles for a 17.2 MPG average.

After staying in the room with her until she was taken upstairs, Jeremy went home because he didn't feel well. Stella and I stayed at the hospital where we read books in the waiting area until she was brought out and taken back downstairs to her room. We stayed there with her until she was released and we took her home. I went to the daycare and picked the boys up and brought them home. We left soon after making another stop or two, we returned to the park to attend the Christmas party.

Stella called in a to-go order of pasta from the Pizza Hut to take to the party tonight. While Stella wrapped our gifts, I went to pick up the food, which was not ready when I got there. Stella had given them the time that we would pick up the food, but somehow it had been forgotten. The manager gave me a good discount and I left to go back home to get ready for the party. We sat with some of our winter Texan friends and had a very good potluck meal (when have you ever gotten a bad potluck meal?). We had a fun gift exchange and I think I got most of the gifts at one time or another, but someone stole them from me, so at the end of the evening, Stella got some liqueur and I got a gift certificate from the park. We had a lot of fun, as we always do, and came home, tired from our two days away from the park.

Our time at Rayford is coming to a close and we will leave here on Monday. We have many friends here and we hate to leave, but time marches on.

So long.

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