Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday December 22, 2009-Serendipity Bay RV park

Here we are in Palacios. We have stayed at the Serendipity Bay RV park several times in the past, both alone, with friends and with the Boomers. We have always had fun here and have had some memorable times. It is only about 12 miles to Blessing where Stella's family lives.
We are in one of the newer pull through sites with the marina behind us. I don't know exactly how many boats are stored there, but there's a lot. They don't seem to have suffered any long lasting damage from hurricane Ike.

Here is a better shot of the marina. As you can see, there are few open slips, and of course, the two in the foreground could be boats that are out in the bay fishing or simply riding around enjoying the warm weather.
Both Stella and I are feeling kind of poorly today. I hope it is only a cold for both of us. We are both taking a new medication called Airborne. At least it makes us feel better. I took Stella over to her niece's hair care shop where she works to get a hair cut. After getting her hair done, we went to Bay City to do our last minute shopping done. After getting that done, we returned home and hung out here for the rest of the day.
Later in the afternoon, we both were very hungry and went to eat at the Outrigger restaurant here in Palacios but learned that they are only open for lunch until the weekend, when they are open for supper. We went to the Baytown Seafood, where the food was very good.
I watched my television show and went to bed under a huge pile of blankets to try to sweat out my illness. Hope it works...
So long.

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Barbara said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! I came down with a cold Sunday morning but have been taking medicine and resting so I am beginning to feel human again today.