Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday November 30, 2009-Rayford Crossing

The start of another week.....
I began this morning with the usual coffee in the rally hall. One of our guys, Mac Willoughby had just returned from a bus trip to Branson Mo. for Thanksgiving. He said it was an enjoyable trip but their hotel on the way up in Little Rock was not up to par. He said he complained to the hotel manager and also to the bus company when they returned, and was told that he was not the only one that complained, so they would not be staying at that hotel again. It only reinforces my love for traveling in my trailer, sleeping in my own bed and eating my own food.

I got Jim to follow me over to Jake's Automotive. You may remember that I took it there for some repairs to be made when we returned from our trip to Colorado. He had found the fuel return lines were leaking and had repaired them. The truck has started doing exactly the same thing as before, so I had called Jake and brought it in this morning. It will be interesting to see what his diagnosis is.

After returning, I went for a walk around the park. It has turned off much colder than the past few days and rained all night long, but after the rain stopped I went for a walk. While walking through the park, I noticed a couple of trailers that needed attention. One had a bad water leak at the fresh water intake but coming out from the underside of the trailer. I had noticed this leak yesterday and had knocked on the door to tell them about the leak, but was told that they only needed to replace a gasket. When it was still leaking I decided to report it to the park. We don't have to pay for our water but I don't want someone to waste a lot of water and make all of us have to pay. I had also been told that there was a fifth wheel that had a bad waste water hose with holes in it. I found Gwen escorting a rig into a site and told her about the problems and gave her the site numbers. I don't know what she did about them but when I walked around later in the day, the water leak had stopped.

While walking through the park later in the afternoon, I talked to a couple of Deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff's office. They were out to check on some complaints about gunfire in the woods behind the park on four wheelers. They said that they could not get a patrol car down into the woods as the complaints come in, but they were trying to verify that something was going on and to check for any damage. I didn't follow up when they came out of the woods to see what they had found.

Our neighbors, Pete and Jean are taking their trailer in tomorrow for some undercarriage work to be done, so today they are putting everything away in preparation. Late in the afternoon, Pete gave me some liquid black streak remover which I used on the front and sides of my trailer. I only did what I could reach from the ground and will continue tomorrow to get the streaks washed off.

I came inside and ate the chili that Stella had made. It certainly hit the spot in the cold weather. We stayed in for the rest of the night except for taking Cassie out. Stella said she heard more gunshots during the night but not while she was walking Cassie.

So long.

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