Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday December 7, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today is our anniversary so I let Stella sleep. I went down and had coffee with the guys and tried to stay away long enough for her to get a good morning's sleep. Tommy stopped by at the rally hall and brought us some croissants and kolaches, which hit the spot with the guys. When I got home, Stella had already started fixing us some breakfast, so I ate a small breakfast here too.

We had already celebrated our anniversary with Tommy and Susan, we didn't do too much more today. Stella stayed here and worked some and I hung out with her. We agreed several years ago not to exchange gifts for our birthdays and anniversaries, so even though this was anniversary number 30, we didn't do anything special. We decided that since we could just buy whatever we wanted, so there was no reason to do anything else. We did get a lot of happy anniversary messages on my Facebook page, which was nice of everyone. I learned that we have several friends that have been married much longer than we have. Our friends Ted and Donna have been married for 44 years but Dwight and JoAnne have been married for 53 years! And I thought I'd been married to one old woman for a long time.....

So long.

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