Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday December 2, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We had another full house for coffee again this morning. We should have had more but picked up some new guests at the park. We are all interested in how long Melissa will be able to work and when she will have her baby girl. There was a lot of speculation about it but she has a doctor's appointment later this morning so we should know soon.

Without a truck, we couldn't leave the park today. Jim had told me that if went anywhere today he would take me along, but he didn't come by. I walked around the park a lot today, getting some exercise and visiting with friends here. It was very cold outside all day, so there weren't many people out to visit with. While on one of my walks, a man stopped me and asked if I could use a sewer hose complete with fittings and a plastic hose cradle. He said that he had lived at Rayford last year and that he and his wife had moved back into a house. He said that she would not come back to the park with him again, so he was getting rid of some of his accessories. Of course I took the two items that he had and took them to the house and left them on the table for someone else to take. I don't need these because mine is brand new and I don't want to store it. Jim was the first person to ask about them and said he could use them, so I gave them to him.

Since the weather was so yucky, we stayed in and surfed the net (me) and watched television (Stella) all day. We ate leftover chili for supper. Everything on regular television was delayed due to the president's speech. I'm not going into a rant on the idiot in the White House and let it go at that. I am very worried about where the United States is going at this time.

So long.

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