Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday September 23, 2010-Moving Day-Serendipity Bay to Bentsen Palms Village

Stella set the alarm clock for 7AM. I was already up and had turned the coffee pot on, so we were up in plenty of time to get away early, but somehow it took longer than she thought to get the inside stowed away and ready for travel. I was so far ahead of her that I took time out to take a walk over to the other side of the marina to leave a Heartland contact card on the door of a Sundance trailer. I had noticed the trailer earlier in the week but had not found anyone at home.

We got out of the park about 9:40, later than I wanted but still not a bad time to leave. We only made one stop, in Odem, for fuel and a potty break. It rained on us all the way down which slowed us down some but the trip was pretty much uneventful. We pulled into the park right on time, an hour behind the rest of the group, Ted and Donna and Tommy and Susan. The lady in the office told us that she had been waiting for us to arrive, and as soon as we got checked in, she closed the office and went home.

It took us just over 5 hours to get here, or just about what we figured. I realized that we needed to make one more stop to stretch and we will make this adjustment on our way back here next weekend.

It began to rain on us again so we didn't get the porch and steps set up but everything else was done. We were tired and wet, so we just knocked off and later went to eat at Furr's Fresh Buffet in Donna, one of our favorite restaurants up here. We had a very enjoyable meal, however there was one rather funny but sad man that came in while we were eating. He is apparently homeless and was pushing a small cart, like the ones used at flea markets with a mesh type container that apparently contained all of his belongings. It began as funny to see all of the food that he had stacked up on plates but I soon realized that this was probably his first meal in some time. He is probably one of the unfortunately homeless individuals that has to sell aluminum cans or other discarded items to make money, or beg from others to make enough to be able to eat. I did not speak to this man, but I have seen many like him in the past. It was still funny to see a plate full of chicken, plates of vegetables, rolls and a plate containing five or six pieces of chocolate cake. There is no telling how long he will have to sit here to eat all of that food.

This man reminded me again of how lucky we are to be able to live our traveling lifestyle like we do.

We came home and tried to sit outside but the skeeters were terrible and we didn't stay out very long. With all the rain they have had the mosquitoes are very aggressive now. We'll just have to deal with them as best we can. I guess our cans of Off will get a good workout this week.

So long.

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