Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday September 16, 2010-Lake Tonkawa RV Park

Today we went over to Center to meet with some other family members for lunch at a place named Pickles and Petunias. They serve a nice selection of lunch-type sandwiches and other selections that were very tasty. We went to Gail and Janie's house and they drove us over to the restaurant, where we met Dot and her husband David, Barbara, her niece Steely, and Larry. These folks are Janie's cousins, except of course for Steely, and are all my 2nd cousin. We had a very nice visit with our family and were allowed to sit in our small room for more than an hour, visiting and reminiscing about times past. It was a very good time and we wish we had more time to spend with them.

After lunch we returned to the house for coffee and then Gail and I went to the bank where he used to work and Stella and Janie went shopping. Gail introduced me to the bank President, John Snider. You never can tell when I might need a new bank, so it might pay to know John. We returned to the house and looked over the stuff the girls had bought before we left for Garrison.

On our way back, I drove past the Dodge dealer and saw several dually pickups on their lot. We decided to stop and look at what they had in stock. We met a very nice salesman named Greg Hubbard, who showed us what they had. They only had one truck with an automatic transmission, but he took us inside and we went over the various models and features that were offered. He did a search of available vehicles and found one that we liked at another dealer. He said he could have it here tomorrow, so we decided not to leave tomorrow as planned so that we could check on this vehicle. We went on back home, excited over the prospect of getting a new truck. Greg promised to call the first thing in the morning with any news. Hang on...

So long.

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