Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday September 15, 2010-Lake Tonkawa RV Park

It was another warm morning in the ArkLaTex as this area is referred to. The other day, when we rode over to Logansport Louisiana, Stella remarked that she didn't realize that we are as close to Louisiana as we are, although it's probably 100 miles to the Arkansas border from here.

We piddled around in the trailer and I went for a walk around the park before getting ready to go to Nacogdoches to meet Gail and Janie for lunch. They both had doctors appointments there and when they got through, we met them and went to Chili's for lunch. We had more good chats with them during lunch and after, we went for a short ride around Nacogdoches before returning to our truck. Stella and I checked on some more RV parks in Nacogdoches for future trips up here but didn't really find anything that we liked. We will keep our eyes peeled for a better park.

I called our friends A.D. and his wife Dee this afternoon. We had met them at Stephen F. Austin state park when we had all worked there and wanted to try to meet them. They are at the Tyler State Park, which is relatively nearby, but when we talked on the phone, I learned that they are still having medical problems and couldn't meet us today. We have plans with the family for tomorrow and will be leaving on Friday for Palacios, so we won't get to see them at this time. They are returning to SFA in November for follow-up tests at MD Anderson, so perhaps we'll get to visit with them then.

We came on back home and relaxed in the trailer. This park isn't much, but it's quiet. A good sized rally group came in today and the place is full, but they seem to be a very quiet bunch. I took another walk around the park but didn't speak to any of them. I did see a group of them at the rally hall, but didn't approach them. I wanted to visit some more with my friend Don next door, but they seemed to be gone, so maybe we can get with them again before we leave.

So long.

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