Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday September 3 & Saturday September 4, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort-Texas Boomers 10th Anniversary weekend

Friday, the remainder of the attendees arrived and got all set up. We had an informal sandwich meal scheduled for tonight. Madame Boomer (Sandy) gave a talk on the history of the Boomers, which was started by four couples that met in Kerrville. Three of the four couples were present at this anniversary rally, which was attended by 66 rigs.

This is the largest rally ever in the history of IRV2, which is the parent website of the Boomers. There have been at least 6 National rallies and none were as large as this one. We are proud to have been a part of several of them and especially this one in Boerne.

For those of you that are not familiar with our involvement with the Boomers, in 2005 we were asked to be the Houston area leaders of the Texas Boomers. We had an outing just about every month until my retirement from work, when I gave up my leadership role. We had an outstanding group in Houston and had many, many good times and made a lot of good friends with the group.

After the Madame's speech, everyone left and we came back to our trailers and sat outside chatting with our friends. I managed to stay out until 10 o'clock or later before turning in. A very enjoyable day and night.

Saturday, we went over to the rally hall for a potluck breakfast. One of the problems with a large rally like this one is that the lines are so long for food. We chose table #7, but it turned out to be not so lucky. It seemed like an hour before we got to eat, but there was plenty of good food and we had a good time. After breakfast, we had a drawing for door prizes. We won two sets of wipes, one for bug removal and one for waxing the trailer.

Stella and some of the girls went into Boerne to walk around the downtown area and shop. I stayed here and watched television and napped. It was a nice peaceful afternoon and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday night we went to the "catered" dinner of barbecue and the trimmings. It turned out to be prepared barbecue that had been bought from Sysco, a restaurant food supplier, and warmed up by some of the rally attendees before being served. We ran low on the main food and ran out of cake for dessert. We were assigned to be on the clean-up crew after the meal was finished. Again, our unlucky numbered table made us the next to last ones to be served and Stella and I were not finished eating when we were called to begin the clean up. We don't mind at all being pressed into service to do whatever is needed to help the rally, but we would like to be able to finish our food first.

We came back over to Ricky and Dee's trailer where we sat outside chatting with our friends until 10:30, somewhat of a record for me. Two nights in a row of staying out until 10 or later! Getting to be a regular night owl.

So long.

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