Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tuesday September 21 thru Thursday September 23, 2010-Serendipity Bay RV Resort

Again I must apologize for falling behind when there was nothing going on. I guess the reason is that there was little to write about except our meals out.

Tuesday was warm and sticky from all the rain we have had. We decided to go to the Blessing Hotel for lunch, which was great home cooked food that we have loved for a long time. Stella had a nice chat with Helen, owner of the restaurant, about many of their common friends including most of Stella's relatives who still live near Blessing.

Wednesday we met Chad and Jana and their kids Gracie and Grant for supper at the Palacios Mexican restaurant. The food was filling but tasteless but we had a nice visit with them. We talked about our trip to Colorado, comparing it to their own. They met us in Las Vegas New Mexico on their way home, and on our way to Colorado Springs. We enjoyed reliving the two trips and the kids especially loved it.

Thursday we went to the Outrigger restaurant, a seafood restaurant that we have been enjoying for a long time but the food quality has gone way down. They used to use fresh fish and shrimp but now they have begun using frozen, farm raised items that are tasty but not as good as fresh. We had been given a coupon from the RV park when we checked in for a "buy one get one free" deal at the restaurant. We presented the coupon when we paid the bill and nothing was said but the lady owner followed us outside telling us that they had stopped honoring the coupon some time ago. She said that she would take ours but wanted to know where we had gotten it. We, of course told her, and suggested that she remove all the remaining coupons so this will not come up again. It certainly won't come up for us again.

The bad economy has certainly affected this area. We have noticed many closed businesses including all of the major manufacturer car lots in Bay City and numerous small businesses that have been shuttered. We can only hope that the area will recover soon.

So long.

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