Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tuesday thru Friday, September 7-10, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

It began raining here on Tuesday and rained all day long. We all stayed inside while the remaining Boomers pulled out in the morning. Susan and I tried to take a walk during one of the lulls in the rain and we took shelter in the covered patio behind the office. It finally quit raining and we went on back to our rigs. We all got a little "stir crazy" after being cooped up all day and went for a ride up to Kerrville to the Gibsons store there. We all looked around the store and we bought a new Weber grill. We have needed a new grill for awhile and there was a good price on it here, so we bought it. We rode around Kerrville for awhile and stopped at the Lakeside restaurant for a good meal.

Wednesday it kept on raining as a result of hurricane Hermine. We stayed inside again until the afternoon when we decided to go look at RV's. It had stopped raining, so we went to one store that sold a lot of motorhomes but about the time we stepped out, it began raining again, so we tried another store down the street, and looked at a couple of units before the rains came again. Patti Kerlin had suggested trying the hamburgers at a General Store in Waring, a very small community about ten miles out of Boerne. When we got there, we found the store was closed but should reopen soon. We sat down outside at some tables along with a band that was playing there tonight. When the cook returned, he told us about their Wednesday night specials that offered a steak dinner with all the fixin's, a selection of appetizers that were all you can eat and your drinks for $20. Wow, what a deal! We were sorry that we couldn't stay but we had our great hamburgers and came on back home. The burgers were everything Patti had told us they were, everything was grilled and the burger was very juicy, just the way we like them. We came back to the park and hung out the rest of the night. It was very pleasant at night and we sat outside until we all got tired about 9 o'clock.

Thursday it quit raining and we rode into San Antonio to look at a couple of RV parks that Tommy wanted to see, Admiralty and Blazing Star . We have been to Admiralty, so we were somewhat familiar with it. We toured both parks and Tommy got hungry for some Italian food, so we went looking for a restaurant. While searching one of the many shopping centers for a restaurant, we came across a Best Buy store. Tommy needed a dash mount for his GPS so we stopped in. While there I bought a new Fujifilm S2700HD camera, which is so new, I cannot find a link to that model. I have been wanting a new camera for a long time, and there was a good price on it at Best Buy, so I bought it. Tommy got his mount, so we all were happy. We came on back to Boerne and ate at Naples Pizza and Restaurant. The food was very good and we all came away with a box of pizza for another meal. The bad thing is that the owners are closing this location and moving it into San Antonio.

Friday was another dry day, so we decided to drive over to New Braunfels to check out some parks there. We went to several parks along River Road and found some nice places. As soon as I download the pictures I took, I'll show them to you, so stay tuned.

We ate lunch (actually it was a combination of lunch and supper that I call lupper) at the Gristmill in Gruene. If you haven't been to this place, you owe it to yourself to go. We all had burgers and they were great. It was very nice to sit outside in the shade of some huge trees and listen to the sounds of Willie Nelson while we ate. We returned to the park and napped until late in the afternoon when we again came outside and sat out in the cool evening. It was a great end to a fun couple of weeks with our friends.

So long.

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