Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday September 28, 2010-Bentsen Palms RV Resort

Today we went to the Ropas Usadas to show Tommy and Susan where we buy our clothes in the valley. Here are Stella and Susan looking over the huge piles of clothes. If you look behind the loose clothes on the floor, you will see some of the bales of clothes stacked up and waiting for someone to go through them to buy.

Here is another shot of the clothes that are piled on the floor. Women will come in and sit down in the middle of the pile, going through the clothes and pulling out what they want to buy. If you will look real closely behind and to the right of the lady squatting in the foreground you will see one. These clothes are bought by the pound, about .30 per pound, so you can find some real bargains. Some of these clothes come from Goodwill, some come from laundrys that have lost or unclaimed clothing and others come from donation centers.

This is not something I would like to do every day, but it is a sight to see! A person could make money at this by having garage sales, but its not for me or Stella. We enjoy going once while we're down in the valley but that's enough for us.
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