Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday September 14, 2010-Lake Tonkawa RV Park

Today was another pretty laid-back day of visiting with my family. We woke here at the park and ate breakfast here before going back over to Center to spend lunch and the afternoon. We stopped off at a station and added some fuel because we had trouble getting the nozzle out from between the tank and the side of the bed, so I elected to just buy some fuel to fill the tank here.

As soon as we got to the house, Gail and I left for his Rotary club meeting at the Civic Center. The Civic Center is brand new and near the new Holiday Inn and another new hotel being built. Many of the business people in Center were at this meeting, including the Sheriff of Shelby County and one of his high ranking deputies, Mike Tollette. I knew Mike when he worked for the Friendswood Police Dept. and I worked for the Dickinson Police Dept. It was good to see an old friend and we reminisced about old times in Galveston County.

The lady that is the President of the Rotary club came to the table to write down my name. When she asked me for my name, I told her what it was, but she said "no, your name is Russ". I spelled my name for her and she wrote something down but when she introduced me, she said my name was Russ Coleman. I don't know where she got that name but later in the program, Gail corrected my name and we all had a good laugh about her mistake. The meeting was very nice and I enjoyed meeting so many friendly people.

We came back to the house and had a nice visit for the rest of the afternoon. Gail had a bank meeting to go to, but we had some good conversation with Janie. We agreed to meet in Nacogdoches tomorrow for lunch and set up a lunch with some other family members on Thursday.

So long.

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