Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday August 28 thru Tuesday August 31, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

This will be a very short update that catches us up on the last few day's adventures of sitting in front of the television to stay out of the heat. I did read in this morning's newspaper that this is the hottest August in Houston's recorded history. I can certainly believe it!

We've spent the last few days, not doing much of anything. We did take a ride with Harry and Judy over to Dripping Springs to the New Canaan Farms to pick up some of their delicious wares. It was a nice drive and we all enjoyed it. We like Harry's new truck too. That King Ranch Edition is sure comfortable. I'm still looking at trucks but can't make up my mind over what to do. I've got the wants for a new truck but not the drive to actually go out and buy one.

We went to visit Grandma Willie Mae, my step-mom, yesterday. We had a nice visit with her and watched as a wrecker came to pick up her car that wouldn't start. A repairman came by to look at it in her driveway, but recommended that a wrecker be called to bring it into their shop. They were in a wrecker, but they would have had to charge for the service and she has AAA which gives her free wrecker service. I offered to pay them to pick up her car, but she said that was too much trouble. She would have had to send in the bill to be reimbursed and with AAA, all she has to do is sign the ticket and it's paid. I can see her point.

We came back home but along the way, I stopped and fueled up at the Valero service station. They have as low a price for fuel as anyone in Boerne, but I opted for the car wash and got .10 per gallon off my fuel price! Wow, what a deal! The truck needs washing but if I washed it here in the park, I would have had to pay for a "permit", which was more than the car wash cost at Valero and I got 10 cents off per gallon of diesel. I took 18 gallons to go 293.7 miles for a 16.3 MPG average.

With the truck looking all spiffy, we came on home and relaxed. We had stopped to eat at Ryan's in New Braunfels ($4.99 per person on the senior discount, including drinks) so we were done for the evening. Stella went down and did our laundry and I stayed home to keep the television company. About 8:00, got a knock on the door and guess who it was? Bob, who was not expected to come in until tomorrow! We had a nice visit with him and his girlfriend Dana and can't wait for the party to start. It won't be long now for the Boomers to start rolling in!

So long.

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See y'all Thursday!