Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday September 26, 2010-Bentsen Palms Village RV Resort

Well, the new puppy had a good night. I tried to get him to go lay down with me in bed but he's apparently never been in bed and ran around excitedly for a few minutes before jumping down and running back into the living room with Stella. When I woke up later, he came into my lap and slept all night long. We didn't wake until almost 9 o'clock!

We went outside and drank our coffee with the rest of the group and while there, I met another resident of the park, Don Robidoux. He has been down visiting his son who is moving here from Mexico. We had a nice chat and he left to go meet his son. There aren't many others staying here right now but that will change next week when the early snowbirds start arriving.

We stayed here until after the Dallas-Houston football game and went into Donna for supper. We went to one of our favorites, Martha's diner which we found the first time we came down here, staying at Casa Del Sol. The diner is right next door to the RV park, so it was really convenient for us, but today it was closed until October 17th when they reopen for the winter Texas season. We ended up going to El Palenque at the suggestion of our friend Bob Wurch. The food was very good and not the usual TexMex food that we are accustomed to but still very good.

Speaking of Bob, I learned that his motorhome was broken into at the storage lot, with approximately $22,000 in damage and stolen items removed from it. He was supposed to have come down here this week but after the damage, he is staying at home. We will miss him.

We returned home and sat out in the covered patio across the street from our sites. It is so nice to have everything in the park to ourselves. We visited Ted and Donna here in January when we were down here and know that this is a very nice park during the season, but it has been nice now, during the off season. It has been warm but except for some rain, pretty nice here.

So long.

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