Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday and Monday, September 5 & 6, 2010-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort-Texas Boomers 10th Anniversary

Sunday morning, we went to the rally hall for "zippy omelettes". These are simply eggs that are cracked into a heavy-duty baggie with ingredients of your choice added. Then the omelettes are dropped into a pot of boiling water for fifteen minutes and out comes a perfectly round omelet.

We had a good time at breakfast with our friends and again, and I saw a lot more people that I have not seen in years. We had some good visits before everyone before the omelettes were ready. After breakfast, Madame Boomer spoke about the Boomers present. The state-wide club is down by one area leader, in the hill country and Mike and Amber Brown, who took our place in Houston, were absent due to some medical procedures that Amber is going through right now. We hope they have some good luck in the future.

In the afternoon, some of the girls went shopping again and Stella went to play games in the rally hall. She and some others played LCR, a dice game and luckily, she won some money! I stayed at home and kept my recliner from floating away. I have discovered that if I don't do this, the recliner just somehow levitates. I would hate it if we came home one day and found the recliner had escaped from the trailer...

There was another potluck supper tonight, but we decided to go back to the Hungry Horse one more time. About eight of us went and as always we had a great meal and good conversations. We came back home and went over to see the 20 foot banana split that had been prepared for us. It was delicious and I would have taken a picture of it but I forgot my camera. Take my word for it, it was yummy!

We came back to Ricky and Dee's trailer and sat outside until after ten o'clock again with several of our friends. There were only a few others that sat out at night, which was unusual for the Boomer group. They usually have bonfires and music until the quiet hour starts around ten o'clock at night but not this time.

Monday was the day that everyone had dreaded, the day almost everyone had to go back home. Tommy and Susan stayed behind and Barbara Spade and another couple that we didn't get to meet. We spent Monday morning going around for hugs and handshakes as everyone left. It was another fine Boomer weekend.

So long.

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