Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday January 28, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

We woke to another chilly morning but it soon warmed up. I went out for a walk this morning around the park. I am getting some good exercise in at least. Stella fixed us breakfast at home this morning, and she decided to wash our clothes this morning. I took her over to the wash house here and came back and hung out with the doggies here in the trailer until she was done.

When the wash was brought back home and put away, we went over to the golf course to eat a light lunch of tortilla soup that they offered. It was very good and hit the spot for us. It was a good price too, and we decided that eating there made more sense than to fix something at home.

After lunch, we went out to some of the other RV parks in the area to locate other Heartland owners to let them know about the upcoming events that we have planned. We went eight parks and talked to a lot of people but only got seven people to commit to coming. We're offering a potluck dinner and a free meal at a dealership, and who has ever had a bad meal at a potluck and who can argue with a free meal with no strings attached? It took all afternoon, but it was kind of rewarding to meet so many people from all over the US. I hope that more of them come.

We grabbed a quick sandwich at Wendy's before coming home to get ready for tonight's entertainment. We watched performances by The Redhead Express and their little brothers The Walker Boys and The Link Family. Both groups put on a fabulous show and we are planning to see them again on Feb. 8 & 9th when these two groups will team up with two other families at the Chicken House Opry. I can't say enough good things about these groups and will be looking forward to seeing them perform again.

Tom and Judy had gone over to the Casa Del Sol to help with the jam session there and had not returned when we got home a little after nine tonight. I know they will be tired, having been there all day long. We'll see them tomorrow and catch up on whats going on.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Didn't we see the Link Family and they won the competition last year? Don't forget to get us tickets to whatever you are going to. Our luncheon is the 14th and we want to see Barbara and Rogers one day. Other than that, we're all yours.