Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday January 24, 2011-Moving Day-Lazy Longhorn to Mission West RV Resort

It rained all night long last night. I woke about 3:30 and heard the rain still coming down, and went back to sleep soon in my chair. I got Stella and the dogs up about 7 so we could get on the road. She fixed us some breakfast tacos and we got off at a little after 9. The sites at Lazy Longhorn are kind of tight but the oleander bushes surrounding all the sites are very soft and don't damage the trailers that all hit as they pull out.

We had filled up from the big tank this morning before we left, so we didn't have to stop for fuel. I made a couple of stops for Stella-all us men know what we have to do for our wives-but the stops were very quick along the side of the road, so it really didn't matter. We made one coffee break at the Loves station in Kingsville.

I have to give you a report on Tramp. He looks more and more like Ralphie. He crawled up into the front seat today and wanted to get into my lap but I didn't want to have him squirming all over me at 65 miles an hour, so he sat in Stella's lap for a long time. When we got out at the station, he was sitting on the console in the front seat, just like Ralphie used to do. Then as we got closer to our destination, he began sniffing the air as if he smelled his old home. I hope he doesn't think we're bringing him back...

My set-up went well. The Carryout antenna did as promised, bu just setting it out with a clear view of the southern sky and then letting it tune and lock the satellites. It's nice to have hi definition television without all the hassle of the dish antenna.

We got here to Mission West about 2 o'clock and got checked in with no problem. We are parked next to our friends Tom and Judy. If you remember, we stayed on their site last year and had a nice time there. Our friends Bill and Ornell came down here to visit and stayed in the site we're in this year. We went to eat hamburgers here at the park this afternoon. They served 527 burgers last week, so this is obviously a very popular place for burgers. There will be some good entertainment while we are here, but I plan to check with some of the other parks to see what they have in store before we decide where we will go. Ted and Donna are coming up next month and she already told me that I am in charge of entertainment, so the pressure is on! I know I can do it though, with the help of the entertainment directors at some of the local parks.

We sat out at some of our neighbor's house after we were done eating. There are a lot of friendly folks here and I recognized some faces from last year. Of course, we have some exciting events planned with Heartland and will see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones. We are looking forward to the next three weeks and of course, the Sweetheart rally after that where we will see even more friends. It will be a busy time but we'll have fun.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

You didn't try to take a piece of lemon pie did you? Have you seen your girlfriend who almost cut off your hand last time? Be careful, those cooks mean business!