Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday January 25, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

Today was our first full day at Mission West. We decided to sleep late and get started with our errands and visits. We went to Kathy and Ken's new carriage house lot at Retama Village to visit with them about the upcoming events for next month. They have a very nice place, but then their old place was very nice too. Their site is a large, back-in RV site with a small carriage house beside the trailer. They had one before, but this new one is a little larger. We talked over some of the details and will try to get together next week some time.

We went to the Ron Hoover RV dealership where the open house is being held to check with them on the plans. My contact there, Joe Diaz was out of the office, so we spoke to Dalia, who told us that everything was in place. We left, and will return to the store later in the week to check on a couple of new trailers that are to be delivered.

We decided that we both were hungry, so we stopped off at one of our favorite restaurants down here, Furr's Fresh Buffet. We had a delicious meal but both of us noticed that they have changed the size of their plates. The new ones are very small for a buffet, not much larger than a salad plate, but we managed to get plenty of food.

We returned to the park and talked to Tom and Judy. Stella decided to go play cards with Judy at the rally hall and I stayed home with the puppies. I couldn't get the air TV to pick up any signals so that I could receive the local television channels, so I missed my favorite show NCIS. I guess I'll make it and I later realized that I had not turned on the antenna booster, so it was completely my fault. I was hoping that I could blame it on Stella or someone else, but nooooo, it was all me! Maybe I'll get to see it on a rerun sometime.

So long.

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