Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday January 13, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

I told you about Jim and I escorting several of these old GMC motorhomes into the park yesterday. Well they certainly made an impression on many of the people here in the park. Some of them have a "less than beautiful color" on them, but apparently they were popular back in the 70's when they were produced.

We had a couple of the men that own these rigs in for coffee this morning and they told us about some of the features. They were actually produced by GMC until nearly the end of production. They had Oldsmobile Toronado front-wheel-drive with Oldsmobile 403 or 455 cubic inch engines in them, so they were very peppy for their day. They said you could buy one brand new for $16-17,000 and some of these are owned by the original owners! They said it was a good idea to be a pretty good mechanic if you want to own one of these. That proved to be true because one came in with a dead battery and another came in with no brakes. Scary...!

This rig had a fire this morning. It was reportedly an electrical fire that was contained to the couch in the living room. Some of our guys coming back home from coffee noticed the smoke and tried to put the fire out with a water hose, but the fire department soon arrived and took over the fire fighting.
It really didn't seem to be damaged all that much inside. The owners were away when i went by and I don't know what their plans are when they get ready to leave on Sunday. It caused quite a stir around the park today. As far as I know, this is the first fire inside a rig in the park, at least the first one that I've seen.

Winter is here for sure last night and tonight! It was 26 degrees Wednesday night and about 34 this morning. It was so cold the night before that the water was cut off at both parks as a precaution against freezing. Billy turned the water back on early this morning and nothing was broken. We lucked out again.
After I took Stella to work this morning, I went by Office Depot to check on my Heartland business cards. It was good that I did because I discovered that they had not been ordered after all. I took care of this problem with a promise from the clerk that they will be done before we leave on the 23rd. I hope they are because I will need them. I'll keep you advised about them if anything else happens.
So long.

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Dan & Teri Gregg said...

You must be in Tx. Those coaches look like they belong to some of my friends. We have a GMC motorhome blog:
We are out in Quartzsite. Temp today was 72.