Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday January 27, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

Here we are in our site at Mission West. That's Tom and Judy's Landmark next to us.
It was chilly this morning, about 53 degrees, but not nearly as our friends are at Rayford where said it was 33 this morning. It warmed up into the upper 60's today and it is supposed to get even warmer over the weekend, perhaps into the 80's!
We ran some errands today and along the way, we stopped off at a couple of smaller RV parks where we saw Heartland trailers to try to talk to the folks there about the upcoming events, but no one was home.
We went to the Crocs store in a mall and found some more shoes. Mine are getting kind of worn looking but I wear them just about every day. The store was very picked-over because they have been having some good sales. We had a hard time finding our sizes, but we did find some, so it wasn't a wasted trip.
We then went to the JC Penney store which is a new store and seemed to be large enough to carry furniture. When we got inside, I discovered that they don't but Stella found a new comforter for the bed that she just HAD to have. I didn't think we needed it, but of course my vote doesn't count when it comes to inside stuff, so I "gladly" carried it out to the truck and home.
From there we went to Ron Hoover RV where we learned that they have sold out of Landmark trailers completely. I made a couple of calls for them and later learned that they will likely have some more before the open house which will be in the 10th. I hope they come in, but if they don't, they will have to show the folks other lines. I'm glad that their business is so good but it comes at a bad time for the activities that we have planned.
We made a couple more stops for groceries and bought a cover for Stella's new Kindle (thank you Kim) and came on back home. It was a very busy day and we got a lot done.
So long.

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