Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday January 23, 2011-Moving Day-Rayford to Lazy Longhorn RV Park

We didn't get in too much of a hurry because it's only about 15o miles to the Lazy Longhorn RV Park in Victoria. I visited with some friends as I was putting things away and we finally pulled out a little after 11 o'clock. It was an easy drive and we made it to the RV park without stopping. The new truck handled everything without any problems and showed better than 10 miles per gallon on the dash computer. I don't really know how accurate it is, but its probably pretty close.

It started to rain on us just as we got into Victoria and continued to rain for the rest of the afternoon. While traveling along the highway, I noticed another RV park, the Gateway to the Gulf RV Park. It looks pretty good from the road as we roared down the road, and I told Donna about it in an email message to her. I think they may stop there when they come down to Mission next month, so we'll have some user input soon. I chatted with her all afternoon as I got caught up on my blog. We just stayed inside and ate some leftover chili that was very tasty on this rainy afternoon and watched the football championship games on television. At least now, I'm caught up and perhaps can keep up. We'll see...

So long.

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