Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday January 2, 2011, Rayford Crossing RV Resort

I left out New Year day because we didn't do anything but lay around and recuperate from being up late the night before.

On Sunday, Stella and I woke early and drove up to Jennifer, Jay and Ian's house for our Christmas celebration with them and Melissa. There was little traffic on the road this morning and we made good time, arriving a little after 12. We had a good visit with them and I took some photos of them but for some reason they won't download today. Maybe it's too cold, but I'll get them done.

They took us out to Babe's restaurant in Garland. We've eaten at the location in Burleson a few times and this was no exception, a great meal.

Our drive back home was pretty long but uneventful. We only stopped once at the Love's in Fairfield for coffee. We didn't have to stop for fuel and made the entire round trip on one tank. This new truck is amazingly quiet and comfortable, and apparently gets pretty good mileage too. I can't wait to tow the trailer with it.

So long.

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