Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday January 2, 2011-Pictures

Here is my truck in front of Jay and Jennifer's house in Garland. They have a very nice older house that seems to be a good size for them.

Here's Ian with the first of his gifts from Pop and MeMaw. He loves trucks and cars. I guess he's like all little boys.

"Wow" says Ian as he looks at another box of toys. Like all of the kids, he destroys the wrapping to get at the loot inside. We all spend a lot of money on Christmas wrap that only lasts a few seconds when the kids are released to open their presents. I think we should all only use newspaper to wrap the presents. Wait a minute, we don't take newspapers any more... Gonna keep on thinking about this one.

We didn't leave Jennifer and Jay out of getting gifts. They are both hard at work opening their presents, just not quite as destructively as Ian. At least they are neater than he is!

"Pop, there are trucks and cars on both sides of this gift! I can't wait to get into it" I may need a little help from Dad."

See, I knew Dad could help me... Now to strow them around the house.
I guess the pictures didn't like something about the previous page. They loaded right up on this one.

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