Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday December 30 & Friday December 31, 2010

We had a pretty good crowd that turned out for our New Year Eve celebration at Rayford Crossing. It was a very laid-back party, with karaoke and light food that was brought by the attendees. We all had a good time sitting around and singing along with the machine.

Here I am again, playing catch-up. Thursday, New Year eve-eve was a routine day for us. We went to Pitmaster BarBeCue with our friends Tom and Marti Thursday night. They rode with me to pick up Stella and we stopped off at the restaurant. Luckily they put us in a side dining area and we had the entire room to ourselves and sat in there for over an hour visiting.
Friday Stella had to work for a half-day, so I took her in and ran errands of my own until time to pick her up and when she got off work, we went and bought some Christmas presents to take to Garland this weekend. We came back home and relaxed until time to go to Tom and Marti's trailer for supper. They invited us over to have steaks with them and they were delicious. We had a good time with our friends until it was time for me to go open the Rayford Room for the New Year Eve party.
As you can see by the photos, we had a good turnout for our small party. We actually started the NYE parties at Rayford with the Houston Boomers on the first New Year after the park opened. We had a karaoke/appetizer party just like this one, but we had more people this year. It really worked out well for us this year that the park decided not to do their usual big and expensive party. We had some technical problems at first because they added a Sirius radio system, but Billy came over and showed us what needed to be done and everything was fine.

We got out of the hall about 1:30, so for everyone that kids me about going to sleep early nah nah nah...
So long.

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