Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday January 29, 2011-Mission West RV Resort

It's nice and warm down here in the RGV! The high today was 78 degrees with even higher temperatures forecast for the next couple of days. Its easy to see why the snowbirds come down here from their snowy home states.

The only thing we did today was to take Tom and Judy to a small fruit stand that they knew of that is much closer than the one in Donna/Weslaco where we normally go. There is a man that brings fruits and veggies to the park but we missed him yesterday. We all picked up a few items at this stand. There is not nearly as much selection here as the one in Donna but the prices are reasonable and as I said, it is much closer.

Tom has recently taken up oil painting, so we took them to the Hobby Lobby for him to shop. It was a nice little trip through some residential areas that we have never been to. We all remarked about the large houses surrounded by tall fences and wonder about the residents.

We stopped to eat at Hooters but the wait was 30 minutes and we didn't want to wait. Let me tell you, there is no recession in the valley either, based on the number of people eating out! That long of a wait at a Hooters?? We ended up at Furrs Buffet again. It was crowded but the food was good and plentiful.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Keep that warm weather there for us.