Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday January 20, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

We were supposed to have gone back to Mexico to the dentist but the appointment was at 4 o'clock and we didn't want to be over there that late in the afternoon, so we changed it to Monday. We didn't do too much around here but sit outside and read my new Kindle Fire while Stella shelled pecans. Tom and Judy came by and we had a nice visit with them in the afternoon and we all enjoyed the nice weather.

Later in the afternoon we met Tom & Judy and Reggie & Mary for barbecue at a place called the 492 Barbecue. It's in an old house and the food was very good. We have made so many new friends down here that we would hate it if we couldn't come back for some reason.

I've been hearing low-flying helicopters around here all night long. I don't know whats going on but maybe I'll start reading the local newspaper while we're down here. Just about every RV park that we've stayed in has different sounds at night and early in the morning. Sometimes when I go to bed early, I will hear the sounds of a new rig coming in and getting set up. It's always interesting to hear the yelling between the husbands and wives when trying to get backed in when its dark. At times, they have burned my sensitive ears with their profanity, but I can understand. Its very difficult to back into an unfamiliar site in the dark and can surely cause some ugly words. I think it must be a law that RV parks are built near a rail line because there are always train horns. Sirens are also another sound I nearly always hear. I know its never anything good for someone when we hear siren. On the other hand, if someone is having a medical emergency, the siren is a sound of help coming. I hate it when I wake and can't think where we are...

So long.

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Michael B. said...

Jay is your truck a Dully? If so, I did not know that there where auto washs that took a dully or was it just a do it your self one?