Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday January 9, 2012-Mission West Resort

Today was our first full day down here, and Stella decided that she needed to do some work for one of her clients, so while she stayed home and worked, Bill and I decided to go for a ride for him to check out the area. We rode down to the Bentsen Palms Village RV park for him to see it, and to drive by some of the other RV parks around here.

From park tour, I took him over to check out the Ropas stores. He bought a pair of shorts in the first one that we went to and then when we went to a Ropas Usada (used clothes), he couldn't believe what he was seeing. the way the people swarmed over the new clothes that were brought out was a sight to see.

After leaving the stores, we ran a couple of errands and stopped off at one of the Luby's for lunch. It was a pretty good way to spend exploring some of this area. There is still a lot to show him, but we'll work on it.

So long.

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