Friday, January 27, 2012

Wednesday January 25, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

We had the windows open last night because it was so nice outside but it had turned cool this morning, and I was too cold to get up to have coffee this morning, so I just stayed home.

Stella had an appointment with the dentist to have her teeth cleaned at noon, so we were off to Mexico again. There didn't seem to be as many visitors today, so we weren't delayed. I went in to talk to him again over some minor pains in my gums and he ground off some of the material and polished them up and now all is much better. After finishing up, we walked around and did a little shopping and went to the eyeglass store so we could leave a deposit. They first said that Stella's glasses were ready but then they discovered that the glasses were still at the lab and weren't ready yet.

We went to more RV parks this afternoon and found a few more people that wanted to come to the events of next week. We have been to at least 12 parks and have covered a lot of the area between Mission and Weslaco.

Do you remember awhile back I talked about that old man that was getting pretty hard of hearing that lived in my trailer? I just wanted to give you an update on him. His hearing hasn't gotten any better but then again, it hasn't gotten any worse. Judging from the other guys around his age that he hangs out with, its a pretty common ailment. The conversations around the coffee table are pretty funny sometimes: "What day is this? Its Wednesday. (Someone else at the table)-Its always windy down here in the valley".

I looked around in the Mexican market area while we were over there but did not find anyone that sells hearing aids, other than the "As seen on TV" types for $19.95. I think he could likely do as well as these toys by holding a cone up to his ear. I'll keep on looking. I'll never understand why Medicare doesn't cover hearing, but of course their policies are put in place by the same people that keep on borrowing money with a 15 trillion dollar deficit and screwed up so much. I'll bet ya if a retired congressman needed a hearing aid, he'd just march into the doctor's office and buy the best available and send the bill to the government taxpayers. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. You didn't come here to hear me whine. At least you can hear me when I whine.

So long.

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