Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday January 10, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

It turned cold last night and was in the low 40's this morning. Bill had found some guys having coffee in the small rally hall, so he and I went over to meet them and have some morning coffee. The only problem that I had with them was that they talk about "insider" stuff that we as newcomers don't know anything about. Not a big problem and the longer we stay, the more we understand about who they're talking about. I guess we really get "inside" information from these guys.

We went over into Mexico today, me to have the rest of my dental work done and Bill to have his done. The dentist's office was busier than we've ever seen it and we ended up being there for most of the day. I only had my teeth cleaned today and will come back on Friday for more work to be done.

We took Bill to Martha's for supper. This is one of our favorites down here and they didn't disappoint. After our good meal, we returned home for the evening. We are having another good time down here in the valley.

So long.

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