Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday December 27 thru Thursday December 29, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

There wasn't much going on for these three days at Rayford. We took Pat and Lori to Cheddar's restaurant on Tuesday night and both the food and service was bad. Service was very slow and the food was just bad. My chicken fried steak was mostly batter and the small amount of meat was tough and gristly. We were very disappointed to have taken our friends here and then have such a bad meal. I hope that it was just this location and not all their stores because they served good food at reasonable prices and we have always enjoyed eating there.

Wednesday morning, Pat and Lori pulled out to go back home to New Mexico. We were very sad to see our friends leave but they are still working and it was time for them to get back home. That afternoon we drove down to Texas City to have our celebration of Christmas with Jeremy, Kim and the boys. The gift exchange went very fast (I got a Kindle Fire!) and we were soon on our way to a new restaurant, Beyond Burgers. It is a cross between Fuddrucker's and a normal burger joint. It was good but there are several other burger restaurants that are better.

Thursday I went to the Donut Palace to get donuts and kolaches for the guys for coffee. The guys were thankful for the breakfast and we had a nice time together. I plan to have coffee with them again in the morning before we leave. The rest of the day was spent running last minute errands in preparation for pulling out in the morning. In the afternoon, I spent time getting things put away, leaving out only the essentials for the night. I got John to put the new night light over the front door of the trailer. He is tall enough to reach the light without a ladder. The light went up without too much trouble and it works very well. It has a movement switch that turns the light on automatically and uses a LED bulb that doesn't use much juice or get hot and really adds a lot to the trailer. Its nice to have friends that will help.

So long.

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