Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday January 17, 2012-Mission West RV Resort

Another nice day here in the Rio Grande Valley. The morning temperatures were in the 50's but the daytime temps were in the low 80's. This is the reason that so many people come down here for the winter. Since we only stay in Texas in the winter, I guess you c0uld call us Winter Texans too.

Stella washed our clothes this morning after I took them around the corner to the wash house. The sad thing about the going's-on in this park is that they're letting things go when they need maintenance and it sure reflects badly on the park. There were only two washers and two dryers when there are four of each in this wash house. We didn't go to the other house to check on it, but I heard that there are problems there too.

Since there wasn't much to report today, I thought it was a good day to show you some photos of my truck and the motorhome that I hit. I feel really bad about the accident but my truck looks much worse than the motorhome. See below:

The crunched-in tailgate. I was very surprised at the cost to replace the tailgate, over $800 to get it replaced! Glad we have good insurance!

It certainly crunched the tailgate! I was only going a couple of miles per hour when backing into the space.

The only damage to the motorhome was this metal fascia that pulls in against the rubber gasket to seal out water when traveling. It would be impossible to close the slide completely now. I spoke with John the owner, today and he said he has gotten an estimate done and is waiting for the insurance company to approve it and the parts to be ordered. I'm just glad he is being taken care of. I haven't had an accident in a loooong time, especially one that was my fault, but after having worked hundred of traffic accidents in my career, I know that these things can go pretty smoothly but it only takes one uncooperative employee to foul everything up. We may want to come back to this park sometime and I don't want my reputation ruined around here.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

With our $1000 deductible, we'd be on the hook for it all. Ted's V-gate was in the $400-500 range. We put the tailgate in the V-gate box and it is on the top shelf in the garage. One less thing to worry about -- pulling out when under the pin. Once was enough. Good luck to you and the motorhome in getting things fixed correctly.