Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday May 30, 2012-Moving day-Kearney RV Park to J & C RV Park, Alliance Nebraska

We woke to much cooler temperatures, about 52 degrees, here in Grand Island Nebraska. I went out about 8 to begin getting ready to pull out and in the distance, I can see some ominous clouds and then, as if on cue, thunder. That seemed to set the stage for the morning. Again, as if on cue, the very moment that I sat down in the truck to drive out, the rain began. We managed to avoid the heaviest rainstorm and after traveling for about an hour, we ran out of the rain but for the third time, right on time, as we drove out of the rain, a few hailstones hit the windshield, so we just missed the hail storm. So far, this has been a lucky trip for us. The night after we left Oklahoma, there was a bad storm with heavy rain and hail. Lucky us!!

The trip today was very nice. We made two long stops, one for fuel and the second for coffee. The fuel stop was made because we have been getting lower fuel mileage because of all the hills and of course, the elevation changes. We still had plenty of fuel in the tanks to make Custer tomorrow, but felt that it would be better to be safe and fill up now, so we did. We found some decent prices too, so that made it even better.

We pulled out a little before 9 and arrived here before 2, but remember we're in Mountain Time and gained an hour. This is our last stop before Custer South Dakota we will remain in MST for the rest of the summer!

So long.

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