Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday November 29, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Here is Michael Maker playing yesterday. He really puts on a good show, although there are those that don't like his music or how loud he plays. Thanks to Rich for the photo.

I slept in my chair this morning until after 7 o'clock! Wow, that's late for me. Stella fixed us some biscuits and sausage that wasn't very good, but who am I to complain? Neither of these were something she made but its the thought that counts. There are lots of men out there whose wives don't cook.

We intended to go to the church service here at the park today, but there were so many of our friends here that were leaving this morning, the time got away from us and we missed the service.

We stayed home today and watched football of TV. The Texans started out like a house afire but they only smoldered in the second half and lost 35-27. Of course, that makes five times that Indianapolis has come from behind in the fourth quarter to win. Its a loss regardless.

The weather was pretty yucky today. It was cloudy all day and looked as thought it was going to rain but hasn't so far. The temperature is up into the upper 60's but the forecast is for cooler temps for the rest of the week,
Stella fixed some tuna for supper. She made cookies again this afternoon so I had to try one. It was good but she substituted walnuts for the pecans so the cookies weren't as crispy. They were still good and best of all, sugar-free!
We went to Walgreen's to pick up my medicine. We planned to buy some medications in Mexico but for these meds, we can't beat the prices. We came back home and watched TV until bedtime.
So long.

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