Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday March 16, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Todd and I were still sore this morning, so we took it easy early in the day. Todd was the contact person for a large dumpster that was to be delivered today, so he had to stay either at the trailers or at the headquarters building so he would have telephone service. When he had not gotten the call by 11 o'clock, we drove down to the fire station to see what was going on. Upon arrival, we found that Josh had been busy building a platform for a new diesel fuel tank and we helped him get it put into the containment vessel and put into place under the storage shed.

We returned to the trailers and Todd finally made contact with the company that was to have delivered the dumpster and learned that it wouldn't be out until next week some time, so our waiting time this morning was wasted. Oh well, it's not like we are highly-paid government workers sitting around with nothing to do...

Todd and Sue decided to go to town to buy groceries and invited all of us over to the pavilion for hot dogs later in the evening. We had a nice time eating with our friends here

Another good night on the refuge.

So long.

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