Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday March 9, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Winter returned with the rain last night! At least it had stopped raining when I had to go unlock the gates this morning. It was cold and damp though...

Todd and I met at 8 to drive around the auto tour route to check for downed trees and found just one. The drought last summer has weakened or killed so many trees that just about every time we get rain and wind here some trees topple over. They are usually dead and easy to move, so it didn't take long to clean everything up. We ran into Josh coming in on our way back home and he said that he would be ready to clean the shop this afternoon. We told him that we would be back after lunch and get started.

We met Josh at 1 o'clock and began cleaning up the tool room. He had bought some bins to keep nuts and bolts in, so we sorted out the fasteners and put them into the bins. It took us about four hours to get everything done but it looks much better now.

We came on back home and had another quiet night. We sleep so much better out here without any city noises or lights. We're going to miss this place.

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

Except for those pesky trains.

TravelTiger said...

Regarding the trains: I don't know how much you know about them but they are required to blow their horn at every road crossing. The particular whistle for a crossing is long, long, short, long. Often engineers choose their own style in how they sound theirs, but you should be able to hear the distinct pattern. Some choose to extend it out if there are multiple crossings together. The trains that run near our town have about 10 or do crossings from one end of town to the other. I typically hear them go through the whistle twice, stretching it out for the mile or so through town.