Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday March 30, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

It rained pretty hard last night so we weren't able to work on the kiosk because everything was wet and there was still a threat of rain, so we decided to get started on preparing for the dedication of the Doc Stevenson sign tomorrow. We talked to Lita Kay, who was in charge of the ceremony, about the food that she had bought and what she needed done.

The food seemed to be done, so we started on the outside work. After some rest time at our homes, Todd decided that he could get the mowing done around the Visitors Center and the entrance sign where the ceremony would be held. While he was mowing, I set up the large folding tables and the folding chairs on the deck, so we were through with our preparations about time for our evening happy hour. What timing!

There has been a visiting forester staying here, so we've left the front gates unlocked in case he had to leave. It seems to make the lockup procedures go faster but tonight is the last night for it for he leaves tomorrow morning to return to Arkansas and his home park. It was good while it lasted!

So long.

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