Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wednesday February 29, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

Happy Leap Year!!

It was nice again this morning and I decided that I had done enough yesterday, so I decided to take today off. After all, this is a retirement job, not something I really have to work for. I went outside a little before 9 to enjoy the morning and saw Linda sitting outside. I went over and chatted with her and Ron for awhile and learned that they hadn't planned to do much today either. Then on my way back home, I saw Todd and he was also taking off, so it was unanimous that all the volunteers were off today.

Stella and I decided to drive over to Marshall to buy some groceries and other stuff that we needed. I decided that I needed another pair of blue jeans, so we went to the JC Penney store and bought a pair. It began to rain while we were in the store, so we were delayed for a bit, waiting for the rain to slack up. We went to the Wal Mart and bought some Nehi peach flavored soft drinks. We found these because they have some in the refrigerator in the fire hall, and we both loved the taste, so I found out where they were sold and we bought some of our own. We got our groceries bought and came on back to the refuge. The rain had stopped and it turned out to be a nice afternoon. We went over to the pavilion for happy hour and visited with the other volunteers. I learned that Todd had gone over and gotten one of the riding mowers out and had started cutting the grass around the headquarters building but the rain storm had chased him back inside. It will get finished later.

On a more somber note, I learned this morning that Kevin Sullivan, a fellow Heartland owner and full time RV'er, passed away last night unexpectedly. I didn't really know Kevin that well but had met him at one of the national rallies. It's just a reminder that life is short, and we should all be thankful for the days that we have. We are enjoying our lifestyle choice and I hope that you will join me in a moment of prayer for Kevin and his wife Arlene.

So long.

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